Radio recording of KUBT (now WKSC “Kiss FM”) 103.5 FM in Chicago from January 2001.

Thank you to a fellow airchecker, who I physically traded cassette tapes via mail.  He writes:

This was recorded during the evening of 1-12-01 (Few hours after the format launch) I ran 2 Walmart RCA brand tapes that night. This is the only one I kept. [Kiss FM] was more repetitive than the station they forced into a format change (WKIE 92.7).

He refers to 92.7 “Kiss FM” WKIE which a company called Big City operated.  At the time, Clear Channel was really trying hard to roll out the “Kiss FM” brand across the country.  They trademarked the name and set out a few cease-and-desist letters, including one to Big City. They scrambled and flipped their station to an amazing, albeit shortlived, dance station called Energy.  Kiss continues to live on at 103.5 in Chicago, as of this post.

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